Jul 28, 2008

Dis wk summary again;
I thin rite nw cn onli write my feelin for every wk ba xP
stilL e same;
din change much
but wat i hOpe most is tt,
Our 'frenship' cn last long!
i thin dis might b one of my b'dae wishes ba [x
our 'frenship' seems lyK an marble
if our 'frenship' is weak,
e marble will crack...
if our 'frenship' is sTrong,
e marble will stay strOng & shiny forever!
i Thin,
i cn onli use "a marble" to represent our 'frensHip'
No idEa...
tts how i feel rite nw xP
b Bak to my ownself;
tRy hard to achieve wat I wan
Give myself a break if i want to,
don pusH myself Too hard;
Smile everytyme to brIghten my Dae;
& always stay happi if i could...
nvr let anyone dEfeat mi,
or else...
im nt mi,myself anymore...

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