Apr 18, 2008

I don noe y i suddenly feel like cryin...
After comin bak fr aiai place
As mi aiai jx galgal went to ave a swim
While zh & jas went to ave a sunten...

I juz don noe e reason...
1st ting i do when i gt bak hm juz nw,,,
Nt washin my swimsuit;
Nt packin up my bag for tmr's xtra math lesson;
Nt eatin my dinner;
But went to my bed & cry...

& rite nw start to get a bit emo...
But still gt e intend to cry again;;;

To yu;My Lord,
Plz bless mi whenever im sad;
Plz bless mi whenever im down;
Plz bless mi whenever im emo;
Plz bless mi whenever im alone;
I don wanna b alone;
Don wanna b left out;
Don wanna keep all e bad tingz to myself;
Plz bless mi wif full happiness;
Full frenship;
Full big,bright smile everydae;
Full 100% relaship;
In e name of Jesus i pray,

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