Jan 17, 2008

Todae is annchee mummy b'dae!!!!!!!!!
We plan lots of tingz for her.
Like buy present & cake....
& how we goin to 'surprise' her!
Durin morin flag-risin,when we heard tt afternoon,which is after sch,
Gt house meetin for sports dae.
Which is held on 1st of march.
Thn we all like sian diao lorh.
Cuz e meetin ruin our party....
But still we manage to plan it v successful =}
Joyce say tt khartian go take e cake.
Thn mi & joyce buy someting else...
Which e 'someting' i don no how to spell =P....
Thn diana,huixian,anting & sabrina accompany annchee.
So tt she didn c us 'perparin' e party for her....
When mi,joyce & khartian gt e cake,
We call huixian to brin her to somewhr else beside classrm.
@ 1st plan @ e canteen but too many ppl so change to classrm =]
Thn we when reach class,
They say annchee still inside class....
Thn i nid to hide e cake & myself,which it's so diffcult lorh....
Nid to hide away fr annchee & keep e noise llvl down..
Cuz other classes still havin lesson...
Thn 4/5 sub teacher came out to ask mi.
Y do i keepin walkin ere & derh.
Thn i say cuz surprise party.
Thn she don disturb us =P
When huixian brin annchee to e restrm,
Mi,joyce & sabrina quickly open e cake box
& sabrina take e cake & w8 for annchee @ e door.
When i open e door,
Everyone sing 'happi b'dae song' to annchee.
Thn she cry.
Cuz gan dong thn she cry =]
Thn when sabrina cut e cake,
Thn annchee gif cake to cheehao.
So romantic lorh xP
Thn after tt gif to everyone thn i think joyce go cal
Mr Lim & Mr Wong,our form & co-form teacher.
Mi,joyce & jiaxin didn eat e cake cuz nt enough.
Steph & samson oso didn eat cuz they on diet =P
Sry steph & samson.
Didn mean to ^-^
When everyone finish eatin,
We clear e whole place thn off to house meetin which ends til 5pm..
So late lorh.
Rush hm do phy & chem hw.
Thn later do ss project dateline dis fri.
Cuz Mr Arzhar say nxt wk gt 'visitors' fr other counrty come to our sch.
Thn our class is 1 of e 'visitin' place durin ss period.
Thn everyone nid to 'rush' through e project lorh.
We all v ke lian rite ;]
Tt's all.
Still left ss project to do...
Ar...i don wan do sia..
I v tired lorh still gt to do project......
Sian Sia......
Nvm,finish earlier thn can play com...
YEAH =P !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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