Dec 29, 2007

Hi,im bak.
Too long nvr update post.
Nw lets recap on wat i did dis wk.

On 22th dec,
Went to T1 to fetch mine cousinz & familiez
As they came bak fr taiwan after their holi.
They say nt fun & nth to shop.
But they bought lots of tingz like clothin,heelz,earrin & necklacez...

On 24th dec,
Woke up,
Found out tt it's CHRISTMAS EVE!
Yeah xP!
@ 12pm, went to shuang's hus to help put up e x'mas tree & tidy up her hus.
Even though gt lots to tidy but fun =P
Thn round 2pm, jie,qin & hanwei came fr white sands thn TM thn to shuang's hus.
They say nth to do thn shuang ask go bak.
But fake one la =P
3pm, went sheng siong wif da pang gu gu,choi yi zhang,shuang,jie & qin.
Felt pai seh as we think e place like our own place,
Keep shoutin,walkin fast findin each other & findin a lot of tingz.
Like nuggetz,pearl rice for makin sushi , wine & etc.
Thn went bak, prepare almost everyting even though nt 'we' e kids & teens do xP
Thn startin fr 6pm onwards,
We play all dae til e nxt dae 2am.
We did singin karaoke,drinkin wine or beer & playin mahjong.

On 25th dec, X'mas dae,til 28th dec which is today,
Went shoppin for chi new yr clothingz.

Happi happi liao,
even though didn bought lots of tingz in taiwan =)

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