Dec 17, 2007

Hie,,,back fr my holi.
Gt lots of tingz to say bout my holi in taiwan.
But most of e photoz we took r still nt readi.
So may take a few daez to post it on my blog ;D
Im goin to post wat i saw todae,
@ e temple.
I saw yuyang,CSS1.
His clothin is quite e same thn b4.
But @ least,dis end-of-yr holi.
I saw 2 fr CSS1 & 1 fr CSS2.
Still nid to go out shoppin wif my gal-frenz =P
Forgettin a person,
Doesnt need any abilities,
No one fosus yu.
But for this case,
It brings back lots of memories
That we spent for this 11 months.
I know is hard for you,
But you have to accept it.
You cant hide away from it
As it'll always be kept in your mind!
& ever!

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