Dec 1, 2007

Juz nw went to paris ris park to ave a bbq wif shuang & frenz....
Went out of my grand's hus @ 1pm,,,
Reach paris ris mrt @ 2.15pm,,,
Went find zhiwen as shuang ask mi to follow him go meet her xPPPP
Take bus 403 to paris ris park thn spent derh eatin,tokin & sittin on e rock,,,
Lookin @ e sky,,,
Refreshin lots of memories wif zhiwen as well!!!!!!!!!!!!
When sittin @ e rock derh,,,
E wind was dame cold liao....
Thn zhiwen show some of his 'new' dance move xP
Went bak to e bbq pit,,,
Saw shuang cryin thn comfort her....
Went bak hm round 5+,,,,
But reach hm @ 8.15pm cuz nid take mrt thn change bus thn can reach my grand's hus xPPP

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