Aug 19, 2007

Hie every one..since e last post til nw i finally can post mine blog olady...
I've gt lots 2 say startin fr 1st Aug...
On 1st Aug i went 2 SP (sin poly) 2 take part in e 'National Entrepreneurship Convection 2007'...
When we're in sp...derh r about 30-45 schs sittin & waitin 4 e ting 2 begin...derh r about 30+ schs & 74 groups competin 2 b e winner of dis yrs e end 6 groups compete 2 e grand final & in e end e winner izz Dunman Secondary Sch...& ere r some picz which i took on tt dae...but i didn photo e winner group....

e stage or e auditorium of SP

On 3rd sch or e chi department help us organise a chi comic program which izz so borin la..onli ask us 2 draw cartoon charaters & it doesn relate 2 chi lolx rite??!!
while anyway ere r some of e comic which mi & my 'family' draw one...hope yu all will enjoy our comic charaterz....x)))
sabrina's work
huixian 's work
joyce's work
my work
ann chee's work
jiaxin's work
e trainer's work(1)
e trainer's work(2)

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